When Your Garage Door Becomes Annoying

It is always a good thing to diagnose the problems early and repair them before they escalate and cost you a lot in the long run. For example friction due to lack of lubrication can lead to wear and tear and necessitate replacement.

If your garage door makes squeaking and squealing sounds every time you are opening it you may need to do a few routine maintenance practices. Lubricate all the moving parts to minimize wear and tear. This also makes sure your door won’t make noises when opening. Though noise by itself may not be such a big deal to many, some people find it very annoying.

Lubrication can be done in three easy steps. Apply lubricant on all the moving parts. WD-40 is a very good garage door lubricant. If you can’t lay your hands on this look for a very good alternative. Open and close your door repeatedly to make sure the lubricants covers all the moving parts. When you are satisfied open the door and listen for any sounds. If the lubrication has been done properly all those sound should be eliminated.

You should also clean the tracks with a clean micro fiber cloth to remove all dirt and oil that can be found on them. If you can’t get one a clean rug would do just as fine.

All the tracks should also be aligned well so that the door doesn’t jam and stick. Make sure you also check the door balance. Problems with the rollers not following the tracks in the right manner are usually associated with door balance. You should also secure the track brackets to ensure the rollers don’t leave the tracks.

Noisy garage doors can also be quieted by looking for loose parts such as nuts and bolts and tightening them appropriately. Loose bolts and nuts can cause many problems like the opener bouncing and so on.

A garage door that is crooked may also cause the rollers to leave the tracks. Make sure that you repair it to prevent further problems.

Having a door that is annoying can be a source of pain. Especially when you are very tired from work and you just want no noise disturbing you only for the door to spoil your day further. Of course you can always call the garage door repair Woodinville experts to take care of your garage door if you don’t have the knowledge, tools or just time to do it yourself.  Come to think of it annoying garage doors can be repaired with just simple maintenance practices here and there. You don’t have to tolerate all those annoying experiences.

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