Solid Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden queen bed frames are very popular these days. The wooden bed frames are made from a variety of materials which include solid hard wood, hardwood with veneer or engineered wood. There is an extensive collection of wooden queen size bed frames that you can always choose from. Some have a classic design while others have a contemporary design.

The size of the wooden bed frames differ. The wooden bed frames are available as twin bed frames, queen bed frames, king or super king size bed frames. These wooden bed frames are available in different prices and you are sure to find one that is suited to your budget.

Wooden queen bed frames are made out of many kinds of woods. You can find wooden bed frames made out of oak, ash, cherry, maple, oak, pecan, teak, rosewood, designs walnut, mahogany, pine, cedar and redwood. Whatever material your wooden queen size bed frame is made out of, it is sure to fit in beautifully in your room. When you are buying a wooden bed frame, you should know, that it is not necessary for the whole frame to be made out of one kind of wood only. Some parts of the bed frame may be made out of one kind of wood, and the rest may be made out of a different kind of wood. For example, the exposed part of the beds could be made out of wood like mahogany while the parts of the bed frame that are not exposed could be made out of gum wood or poplar. It is very durable and thus is a great candidate to be the best bed frame for sexually active couple.

A lot of wooden queen bed frames can be found with veneering, which makes the bed look beautiful. Such kinds of beds are usually expensive because of the decorative design and the work that goes into the veneering. Veneering is gluing or application of superior wood over inferior wood, to enhance the design of the bed and make it look like good wood work. Most wooden queen bed frames come with veneering done on them.

If the expensive veneering is not affordable to you, queen bed frames with wooden engravings and printings on them may be more affordable to you. These are beautiful designs, even though they are not as durable and as beautiful as the original veneering done on some wooden bed frames.

The finishing of a wooden queen size bed frame is as important as its construction and design. It adds that finished look on the furniture that cleans the surface of the wood. Finishing of a wooden bed frame can usually be done with lacquer, paint, oil or wax. It is usually found that painted bed frames are more expensive that bed frames with natural finishes. Although, there is an increasing demand for white painted wooden queen bed frames owing to their clean, classic, contemporary look that blends in well in almost any kind of room.

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