Parts of a Landing Page

There are certain parts to a successful landing page that you will want to make sure are included on your landing page.

An Opt-in Form: One of the main reasons for creating a landing page or squeeze page is to get information from the visitor. The most valuable piece of information that you can collect is their email address. With an email address you are able to market to that visitor with future offers that are relevant to the offer you are originally promoting. I’ve seen it happen so many times where someone will come to me asking me what I think of their landing page and they will be missing their opt-in form. Don’t be one of those people, always make sure you have your opt-in form so you are not wasting traffic (especially if you are paying for traffic).

An Introduction: You will need to be able to write compelling copy in order to be able to effectively promote your offer or product. In my opinion there are two types of introductions. Brief introductions and lengthy introductions. A lot of people will write lengthy copy in order to convince the visitor to opt-in to their forms. Other offers will be brief giving just enough information to peak interest and then hope to have that user opt-in. In my opinion shorter landing pages that offer brief and compelling copy will convert better. If you are not a great writer it is OK! Get ideas from the actual offer page and adapt it to work on your landing page.

A Lead Magnet: In order to get what you want with your landing page (a conversion or an email address) you will need to provide some sort of incentive for visitors to subscribe to you. Keep in mind that someone will not easily give up their email address. Because of the broad reach of internet advertising people don’t want their inbox to be cluttered with ads. A lead magnet or incentive for a visitor to subscribe can be very simple. Often you will see free “tips” in exchange for an email address. Depending on what these tips are they can be very enticing. Other times you will see free “guides” or “eBooks” in exchange for an email. Either way you should expect to give something to every visitor who decides to sign up or you may have trouble building an email list. Just a plain opt-in form with no explanation will not lead to conversions or large email marketing lists.

A Call to Action: Your landing page should be set up in a way that the visitor knows what to do next when they have read your content. A clear call to action may consist of text that says “sign up here with your name and email to get your free eBook on gardening”. There is no rule to say that there couldn’t be more than one “call to action” on your landing page. Some pages that I have seen make it very easy to know what I can expect once I have entered my email address in to the form. Always make sure that you can provide the information you are promising to those visitors who do opt-in to your form.

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