Microfiber Cloth – The Wonder Fabric

Microfiber Cloth

As you may have already guessed, microfiber is a type of fabric that is made of very, very thin fibres – usually less than one denier ( 1 gram/9000 meters). Due to this extraordinary thickness (or rather, the lack of it), cloths made from microfiber have a variety of desirable properties. Made from synthetic materials – usually polyester or nylon – microfiber works wonderfully well in a variety of settings: from furniture cover to cleaning cloth.

The structure of the microfiber is such that it naturally traps dust and grime. Dust particles get trapped in the criss-cross lock like pattern of the fibers, which makes them ideal for cleaning. You may have seen this material being advertised on your local Malaysia TV as the ‘wonder fabric’, and if you were to actually use it once, you’ll realize that this moniker is highly deserved.

Most athletic wear sold these days is made either entirely out of microfiber. This is because this fabric is highly breathable and repels prespiration, helping keep you dry even during intense workouts.

Perhaps you’ve seen advertisements for spill resistant shirts or pants by big brands in Malaysia. All such spill resistant garments are made using microfiber (mixed with other fabrics). Microfiber naturally repels spills and dirt, and is regularly used even in formal wear these days.

Microfiber Cloth

The soft, smooth texture and durability of microfiber also makes it an ideal candidate for use in furniture, especially sofas and couches. A sofa made of this fabric will not only last long, but will also be tremendously easy to clean.

The best part about this microfiber cloth ‘wonder fabric’ is the ease of maintenance. You can wash it without using any detergents (which cuts down on your cleaning bills) by running it under water. The fabric also retains its shape, so you can be sure that no matter how much you wrangle or twist it, it will always be perfectly usable.

Although microfiber is a tad bit on the expensive side, the cost will come down as the technology to develop it becomes cheaper. You can expect this fabric to be ubiquitous in the coming years as it is incorporated in everything from suits, to cleaning cloths, to car upholestry. No wonder it is called the ‘wonder fabric’ of the 21st century!

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