Istanbul one of the best cities to visit

Turkey is a country rich in culture and a land of unimaginable beauty. Its mosques with intricate decorations and curves lend charm to the beautiful sunsets. The landscapes painted with green grasslands and fairytale-like woodlands are breathtaking. The locale’s natural beauty and culture attracts many tourists. As a tourist, how can you be sure of making the most of your holiday in Istanbul?

If you are looking for an unforgettable tour in a magnificent place, Istanbul is one of the best cities to visit. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is the country’s seat of history. The city is bustling with energy since it is Turkey’s economic and cultural center.

The perfect Istanbul tours are the ones that capture the character of the city and Sudais Travel tours are just that. A successful tour should be able to show you why Istanbul is different from all other cities in the world. Whit Sudais Travel you’ll have an excellent cultural tour in Istanbul, and you can inquire about their packages from their website –

You have choices of different schedules to accommodate your availability. They offer half day and full day tours. For the half day tours, you can choose the morning or the afternoon tour. Night dinner cruises are also available if you fancy some unforgettable nights of Istanbul culture. The tour guides are very professional and give quick and witty descriptions of all locations. Tour explanations are delivered in clear, perfect English (also German and Spanish).

Included in the tour are hotel pick-up and drop-off, entrance fees per location, tour guides who speak in English, German and Spanish. It also covers lunch. VAT is also included in the fee. What’s good about this is you pay with cash or credit card on the day of the tour. No advance payment required.

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