How to stop your cat from scratching everything

Your cat likes to hook back, reach up and scratch everything with its claws. It is a good feeling for the cat; because that is what they are supposed to do in the nature. It feels very good for the cats but unfortunately, not for your furniture. You are often having conflicts between the love for your cat and how to preserve and keep your furniture intact.

First, you need to understand why cats are having the “bad habit” of scratching. There are some reasons why cats (wild cats and domestic cats) are scratching all the time.

  • Cat scratching is one way to maintain and care for their claws to be in tip top condition. Cats must keep their claws in good shape. They are using their claws as weapons to defend themselves, but scratching also helps to bump the dirt and debris.
  • Scratching is one way to mark the territory or area. When your cat scratches your furniture or things in your home, it leaves its scent as a signal to other animals around. It intends to send a warning to other animal that may be approaching that area. Although there are no other animals being in the house, cats are doing that to declare their presence and territory possession.

From the above facts, you know that it is the nature of your cat to scratch all over the place. So, what can yo do to conserve your furniture and prevent the cat from scratching your furniture and decorations?

Cat Scratching Post – Keeping your Cat Happy and your Furniture Intact

Cat scratching post is the answer for your cats scratching habit. Contrary to popular belief, we can use cat scratching post as its new engraving target. We can train our cat to use this new toy to tunnel their scratching activities. There are a lot of scratching posts to choose from but according to the reviews all over the web, the smart cat ultimate scratching post seems to be the best one in the market.

Put smart cat ultimate scratching post in sturdy location in your home where your cat is frequently passing by. It is better to put it near its sleeping area. You can buy spray catnip and sprinkle on cat scratching area to attract your cat attention. Just put the cat scratching post and let the cat do approaching in its own time. If it smells it, bite and scratches it, than you know your effort was worth it.

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