How To Setup A Sales Funnel

There is no doubt that a well oiled and well thought out sales funnel is going to be your money making machine. The whole concept process of a money machine is that you put in $1 and $2 or more shots out the funnels end.

That appears fantastic and i put my life on it anyone would pay a high cost for that cash machine. There are different kind of software to make high converting sales funnels but Clickfunnels have proven over and over again to be the best model with highest conversion rates, and the cost is affordable as you can see from Clickfunnels pricing. So lets look at the basics of the best ways to set up a sales funnel. First off where do you put the $1 in? Advertising that’s where. Your cash funnels machine should be well optimized prior to you begin thinking about spending cash on marketing as you can rapidly spend your spending plan.

The very best method is to get cost-free quality traffic from social networks sources, push them to your sales funnel and test it this method. Once you can put traffic with your cash funnels machine you are going to get some results back. With these outcomes you can then make modifications to your sales funnel and optimize it even more.

When you have got yourself an excellent conversion rate, (so if you get 100 visitors enter your funnel and let’s say 4 visitors purchase your item, this would be a 4 % conversion rate), you can start to think of buying quality traffic.

How to setup a sales funnel with paid web traffic

Now we have actually tested on a little scale if your money machine works and will make you cash we can now put some cash into it to scale it up. If you invested $50 per day on advertising your product and you got 200 clicks to your advert and your sales funnel was transforming at 4 % you can stand to make 8 sales.

How to setup a sales funnel with a profitable offer

Now we have actually taken a look at the science behind the sales funnel itself, we now require to make sure our offer is set at the right price. In the last example we got 200 clicks on our advert and we had a 4 % conversion rate on our money machine so this gave us 8 sales. We invested $50 on marketing so for 8 sales we would need to charge $6.25 for our product to recover cost on our advertising.

Lets just say when we setup our sales funnel our product was $17 to purchase, making 8 sales at $17 would give us an earnings of $86 after our marketing expenses. Not bad for only 8 sales.

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