Choosing a photographer


Your whole Koln wedding will probably be themed meaning on your big day the bride and groom will complement each other which will make for great pictures. Make it the responsibility of the Maid of Honor to check your styling on the day. You could even try out different poses to make it easier on yourself on the day.


Your wedding day will be one long photo shoot the only downside is you will have little time for touch ups. Carry around lipstick and a compact powder so that if you feel it is necessary and you have time you can reapply.

Choosing hair that is not complicated and make up that is quite subtle will help you to eliminate the risk of hair falling out and make up smudging as the day goes on. As for makeup, avoid shimmer make up which doesn’t photograph well as it reflects the light and can leave you looking washed out.


If you want to be sure about which backgrounds work best for you then visit the venue and church with your photographer and have them take test photos. If this will cost too much you can get ask a friend to do the same with their camera to get an idea of how you will look.

Arrange to have the majority of formal photos taken immediately after the service so that peoples hair, makeup and hats all stay in place.

Should the weather get in the way of getting outdoor photos make sure you look at alternatives inside the venue that give you and your photographer good light and a great backdrop.

Choose a great photographer to give you peace of mind. Ensure you have seen examples of his previous work and get a photographer that has the ability to take a wide variety of shots from posed pictures to informal wedding reception images. There are some really professional wedding photography services in Koln, such as Hochzeitsfotografie in Köln von BTC Photography. You can visit their website to learn more about the company and their services.

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