Cellulite Treatment Options To Get The Body You Desire

Cellulite Treatment Options To Get The Body You Desire

There are two main cellulite treatment options available. It used to be that there were no choices to be made when it came to making this type of change in shaping the body. Now, as technology continues to advance, more and more people are able to experience a new method of making the body look slimmer and more fit.


Liposuction was, and still is, an option for cellulite treatment. This is a cosmetic surgery that takes place in a hospital or doctor’s office, depending on the specific situation. It is an invasive procedure that requires a patient to be sedated and it takes a long time for the results to be apparent.

While there have been improvements in the past few years, this is still a difficult surgery with and extended recovery time. Most people see success in the way that their bodies have changed, however, it takes time and because of the swelling, bruising, and bleeding, it does get worse before it gets better.

The final downside is the cost. Because of the doctor’s cost, the sedation, and the intensity of the surgery, this cost rises. As time has passed, it has become less expensive, but it is still a considerable cost. Many people meet with a cosmetic surgeon at a consultation to discuss what the procedure can do, what the recovery time looks like, and to talk about the cost.

Cellulite Treatment Options To Get The Body You Desire


Velashape is one of the newest advances in cellulite treatment. When paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise, individuals have experienced major changes in the way they look. It continues to grow in popularity as it it easier, safer and more affordable.

Velashape is not an invasive procedure. With the help of new technology, it is possible to use faradic currents to change the shape of the skin and the area around it. Lumps are easily removed and when completed, the skin is smooth to the touch and there is a noticeable difference. There is no need to be sedated, no need to be in a physician’s office and no need to take time away from work to recover. In fact, there is no need to wait for months and months to see the results.

Typically, it takes four treatments¬†for body shaping to be done. Much like liposuction, each person’s body is different and will experience different results. Because there is no need for surgery, there is less risk involved. There are no wounds to potentially become infected, no sutures to remove, and no compression garments to wear for several weeks or even months.

It is as simple as making an appointment, going in and spending some time with a highly trained technician, and then heading out the door and back to your normal activities. More and more people are looking to Velashape as a cellulite treatment that works for their body, their budget, and their time.

No matter which option you choose, it is important to do what is best for you. Take time to research and find out which cellulite treatment will work best for you.

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