Tips to Prevent Naughty Gnawing

Are you tired of coming home from work each evening to find your shoes destroyed? Dogs chew on almost anything they can fit in their mouths, including shoes, socks, and furniture. Chewing can be very annoying for dog owners, but in reality this behavior is very natural and acceptable in dogs. Problems only arise when puppies begin to chew on items that are expensive, inappropriate, or dangerous.

Why is Your Dog Chewing?

Puppies chew on objects for many different reasons. Learning why your dog is chewing on your household items is an important step toward helping them stop.

  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Teething
  • Seeking attention
  • Anticipation
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear or phobia

Because dogs tend to chew on almost anything, they might chew on dangerous objects like poisons and electric wires. They also somehow tend to choose the most expensive objects in the room to gnaw on, like your $800 pair of Jimmy Choos.

To keep your dog, and your wallet, safe, prevention is almost always the best option. Behavioral problems that are caught early on are almost always easier to deal with than established habits.

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How to stop your cat from scratching everything

Your cat likes to hook back, reach up and scratch everything with its claws. It is a good feeling for the cat; because that is what they are supposed to do in the nature. It feels very good for the cats but unfortunately, not for your furniture. You are often having conflicts between the love for your cat and how to preserve and keep your furniture intact.

First, you need to understand why cats are having the “bad habit” of scratching. There are some reasons why cats (wild cats and domestic cats) are scratching all the time.

  • Cat scratching is one way to maintain and care for their claws to be in tip top condition. Cats must keep their claws in good shape. They are using their claws as weapons to defend themselves, but scratching also helps to bump the dirt and debris.
  • Scratching is one way to mark the territory or area. When your cat scratches your furniture or things in your home, it leaves its scent as a signal to other animals around. It intends to send a warning to other animal that may be approaching that area. Although there are no other animals being in the house, cats are doing that to declare their presence and territory possession.

From the above facts, you know that it is the nature of your cat to scratch all over the place. So, what can yo do to conserve your furniture and prevent the cat from scratching your furniture and decorations?

Cat Scratching Post – Keeping your Cat Happy and your Furniture Intact

Cat scratching post is the answer for your cats scratching habit. Contrary to popular belief, we can use cat scratching post as its new engraving target. We can train our cat to use this new toy to tunnel their scratching activities. There are a lot of scratching posts to choose from but according to the reviews all over the web, the smart cat ultimate scratching post seems to be the best one in the market.

Put smart cat ultimate scratching post in sturdy location in your home where your cat is frequently passing by. It is better to put it near its sleeping area. You can buy spray catnip and sprinkle on cat scratching area to attract your cat attention. Just put the cat scratching post and let the cat do approaching in its own time. If it smells it, bite and scratches it, than you know your effort was worth it.

Dry Food – Cat Food

Dry foods are the most convenient type of commercial cat food. They can help prevent tartar buildup which may lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and are the most economical. You may need to sample different dry foods at home in order to be certain that it suits your feline’s preferences. Although you might want to explore free choice feeding, it can lead to weight and health problems. It is generally wiser to meal feed your cat twice a day.

How much food should I give my cat?

Put out only as much food as your cat will consume in 20 minutes, within the amount that is recommended by the pet-food manufacturer. You’ll soon learn your cat’s eating style. Don’t allow your cat to consume excessive calories, obesity is a great health risk for cats.

How long does dry food stay fresh?

Properly stored, unopened, dry cat food usually has a shelf life of about 12 months from date of manufacture. Once opened, it is a good idea to store your cat’s dry food in a sealed container to retain freshness. Heat and humidity degrade nutritional value, so attempt to buy fresh food. In short, do not feed your cat anything that you feel is unsafe for its consumption and always use your common sense.

Warning: If the bag is greasy on the outside, its fat has soaked through and the food has been left susceptible to contamination from rodents and insects. Choose a new bag.

Why Having Dog Health Insurance Is Worth It

Most pet owners ask this question “Is it worth it to have pet insurance?” This question is quite important and worth discussing.

It is sad, but most people have the wrong attitude towards pet insurance. Most pet owners feel it is better to open a savings account dedicated to their dog. They think it is a “waste of money” to get a health insurance for their pet. Such people don’t understand the importance of pet insurance, and they don’t see how it benefits their dog.

When unexpected health crisis befalls the pet, such people end up buying insurance to help them pay for the unplanned and huge expenses. This puts them in more trouble because they have to pay from their pocket. This is when the pet’s health insurance comes in handy and is definitely worth it! It can save the life of your pet immediately.

Additionally, there are people who feel that there is too much exclusion in the health insurance scheme. Some health care providers exempt hereditary illnesses and chronic disorders or diseases. This is why most people think that pet health insurance schemes are not worth it. However, lately there have been many improvements and coverage by companies offering health insurance has improved drastically. In fact, now most Bästa hundförsäkring companies allow you to select what should be deductible and co-pay options according to your budget.

There are people who have healthy pets and they believe that nothing has affected them so far, so investing in a health insurance policy will only be a waste of money. Although it is good to look at the bright side, assuming you know the future is a huge risk, and you can and should avoid it. Sometimes, when you discover a serious problem, like joint problems in dog, it is too late to do anything because you didn’t get your pet dog regular checkups.

Besides, when there is a serious problem with the dog and the local veterinarian feels it is best to refer the case to a specialized or emergency hospital, it will incur huge costs. These hospitals deal with life-threatening problems that will need intensive care and admissions. Specialty hospitals need to know that your pet has health insurance and it has coverage so that they can administer the best course of treatment.

When you assess the general occurrence of situations where pet owners need to admit their dog for treatment, it happens at least twice in their lifetime. It can happen more times than this, and each time it happens it will attract a huge bill. It may go as high as $10,000.

If you are the sort of pet owner that would do anything to keep his or her pet healthy, regardless of the cost, it is better to get a health insurance policy. This comes in handy when you know you can’t afford a down payment. A scheme will at least cover you and you get to pay small portions over a long period. Think of it as a savings scheme.

Dog Names Should be Comfortable For The Dogs

Dog Names Should be Comfortable For The Dogs

Small guidelines should be followed when naming dogs. One thing we must not forget is that dogs do not have much intelligence to understand every word we speak. That is why the names of dogs should be chosen so that dogs can recognize them easily. In general, it should be a mono-syllabic word. Many people prefer to have a dramatic name for dogs. But in that case, it should also be as short as possible. The name of the dogs should not resemble everyday commands like Joe. Joe looks like “no” and “goes”. The innocent will find it difficult to distinguish between the two.

The names of a dog should not be embarrassing enough to be called aloud to the public. One should call his strong dog in public without any hesitation. Seems pretty good. If you name a dog that is quite embarrassing then you will find it difficult to call it loud in public. And if you somehow managed to do that, then other people may feel ashamed. So it would be better not to look for those names. You can visit 123Tinki to get some really great ideas about your dog name.

Dog Names Should be Comfortable For The Dogs

Just naming a dog is not enough, you should also teach a dog how to respond appropriately. Otherwise, the puppy will not be able to respond. If the puppy is often called by a specific name, it gets used to it and begins to respond. Not only the name, the puppy could also recognize the voice of his teacher and others.

It would be fun to select an some appropriate nerdy dog names. A dog must understand that it is called a name that belongs only to him. It should also be easily distinguished from the daily commands; otherwise the dog may become confused and reluctant to respond to it. That’s why the name of a dog should be unique. Not only to call is it equally important to train the dogs.