Estate Planning Tips You Should be Aware Of

No matter how big or small your estate, estate planning is extremely important. Doing so will ensure that the right people inherit your assets. As we know, taxes are always a big issue in these types of matters. By properly planning in advance you can limit the amount of taxes your beneficiaries will have to pay. Estate planning is not simple so you should really consider hiring a avocat droit des successions. Here are a few estate planning tips to follow when going through this process.

Make It Clear Who Will Get What

Don’t let the law determine who will end up with your assets. Prepare a will or living trust so you can declare who will get what. This includes non financial assets as well. A non financial asset would be a piece of jewelry or a special painting your daughter has always liked. However, be very careful because the governing agreement might not properly govern your assets. Check with your financial institution to see how tax deferred retirement accounts and life insurance policies are handled.

Determine How The Money Should Be Spent

If you want some of your assets to cover certain expenses you will have to create a trust that makes that clear. For instance, you might want a certain amount of money to go towards the education of a certain individual. Whoever is named the trustee of the trust would be legally obligated to make sure that happens.

Minimize Taxes

As stated before, taxes can be a really big issue when you are estate planning. If your beneficiaries will owe income or estate taxes on what they inherit you can use tax efficient strategies to lower the amount. One thing you can consider doing is list a few charities as beneficiaries and leave your taxable assets to them. You can then leave your tax free assets to your family members. Tax free assets include roth retirement accounts and life insurance.

Another thing you can do to help minimize the amount of taxes is do what is known as gifting. This is when you give a certain amount of money to your beneficiaries while you are still alive.

Inheritance Claims

Making a claim for inheritance can often be quite complicated, they are usually made under the terms of the Inheritance Act. The situation can also be quite emotional as it is often former spouses or children of the deceased whom have been left out of the will.

The Act allows inheritance claims to be made, thereby giving a person the right to apply to become a beneficiary from the estate of someone who has died. They can also apply to become a greater beneficiary if they think that they should have been left more.

Inheritance claims made under the Act aim to resolve the redistribution of a deceased person’s estate and the people who were beneficiaries as well as the person making the application. The main grounds for making the claim focus on the claim that ‘reasonable’ financial provision was not made within the will. In other words the person would have been reasonable to expect to be included within the will.

There are certain criteria for qualifying for application. For example, if you were the mistress of a person who is deceased then you cannot argue that you ought to have been included simply because you were in love with the person who died. Instead you would need to be able to prove in legal terms that you were being maintained (either wholly maintained or partly maintained) by the person who has died.

You can be a former spouse or a former civil partner who can claim if you have not formed another civil partnership or marriage, but if you are a mistress or a lover, without being wholly or partly maintained, then you will not be eligible to lodge an application for an inheritance claim. However, if you are a child or with your siblings, you are the children of the deceased, then inheritance claims can be lodged.

One feature of inheritance claims made under this Act, is that the applicant needs to be alive when the application is made via probate solicitors and they must stay alive until the whole of the matter is resolved.

Finally – if you’re making an inheritance claim there are two things you need to bear in mind. Firstly this is a complex area of law and you will need a avocat partage. Secondly, bear in mind that internal family battles over the estate of a loved one can result in some respects that last for generations – before you get involved with contesting a will, do consider whether you’re prepared to pay the price.

Family Mediation helps you resolve disputes

Families come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of areas in which disagreements arise. Through mediation you can find common ground, no matter how large or small your family or dispute is.

Mediation is a confidential, cost-effective process that helps people work together to create mutually satisfactory agreements which address the needs and concerns of all parties. A mediator helps parties shift into effective ways of communicating and problem solving.

Family mediation focuses on disagreements between family members and loved ones. Whether you’re an engaged couple entering a marriage, an already-married couple in conflict, a couple contemplating divorce or family members who need to make difficult decisions together, mediation can help.

Who takes part in a mediation? All the parties who have a stake in the matter being mediated are included. This can range from an engaged couple only, to parents with their teen son, to adult siblings and their elderly parents. With the help of the mediator, the concerned parties will decide who should be present at the mediation.

How does mediation work? By encouraging individuals to avoid unproductive communication patterns of the past, a mediator helps people present their needs and vision for the future in a productive way. With tensions diffused, effective communication occurs. Effectively communicating and hearing each others’ needs and interests often leads to a mutually beneficial agreement as well as ongoing effective communication in the future. If you are looking for mediators in your area in the UK, you should search for Barclay DeVere Mediation first as they are one of the best and you can refer to this link where they have listed the areas they cover in UK.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document which sets out how your assets, known as your estate, will be distributed following your death. A Will can be straight forward, simply setting out to whom you wish to leave your estate.

On the other hand, it can be more complex, making various provisions ranging from the appointment of guardians for your children, incorporating funeral wishes, and creating trusts which will continue following your death.

Reasons to make a Will

If you don’t have a Will then you are not deciding who will receive your assets when you die. Instead, your assets will pass according to an ancient set of laws (known as the Intestacy Rules) which determine who should receive your estate. If you have a Will then it is you who decides who should receive your estate, not the Government.

If you don’t have a Will, your estate usually passes to close family members (often referred to as your next of kin). If you don’t have any close family, then all of your estate may pass to the Government.

It may be the case that the members of your family who benefit under the Intestacy rules are not those who you would want to benefit. You can only make sure that your Estate goes to those who you want by making a Will.

If you are married or in a civil partnership, don’t automatically assume that you entire estate will pass to your spouse irrespective of whether you have a Will. That is not always the case.

There may be non family members whom you would want to benefit from your estate such as a partner, lifetime companion, friend or a charity. If you don’t make provision for them in a Will then they will not be entitled to any part of your estate. You can only ensure that they benefit by making a Will.

Your estate may be liable to inheritance tax following your death. In having a Will you can make provisions which reduces the amount of tax which is due.

When you die, your estate has to be administered which can be a complicated and time consuming process. It may involve selling property and closing bank accounts as well as dealing with the legal process of obtaining probate. If you don’t have a Will then your next of kin will be expected to deal with the administration process. This can be particularly difficult at such an emotional time. If you make a Will, then you also appoint Executors who will deal with the administration of your Estate. This means that you can appoint someone whom you trust to carry out this very important task.

If you have a Will then you can also make other important decisions such as the appointment of guardians for your children, or giving an expression of wishes as to the disposal of your body.

Direct Wills Trusts Surrey are a team of experienced Surrey Will Writers who can draw on many years experience of providing practical and professional advice. Whether it be the preparation of a simple Will or providing detailed advice on Estate Planning, then we can advise.

What do Mediators do?

Mediators are trained professionals in conflict resolution who serve to help husbands and wives resolve their dispute by clarifying issues, exploring options, finding common ground and defusing anger. Mediation facilitates the identification of the respective needs and desires of the parties by promoting dialogue and fostering respect for differing views. Mediators are neutral. Mediation helps people who are disputing to ‘get their heads together’ by focusing on the issues, by the use of liberal communication and by maintaining a steady course throughout the process so no one feels disadvantaged.

Mediation is for disputing spouses who want to resolve their own issues

Wives and husbands, like all people, see things through their own eyes. The attachment to their position often creates a failure to see the other person’s point of view. Tension is created. Tension leads to conflict which if left alone can sometimes escalate into a full blown problem causing the intervention of expensive lawyers. Spouses who are committed to finding less expensive and less damaging forms of decision making can use the assistance of a neutral person (the mediator). Miams mediation can help people deal with their differences before litigation begins. But even after litigation has begun, mediation can take place and can begin voluntarily through the mutual agreement of both spouses. Sometimes mediation is court ordered as all judges in the Fourth Judicial Circuit mandate mediation before trial. The mediator employs the same technique and effort in assisting the parties in finding agreement no matter the stage at which mediation occurs.

Mediation is Confidential

What is discussed at mediation cannot be used as evidence in court. The content of the discussions and what may be offered or discussed is protected from the use in a trial. Why? Candor and genuine dialogue is intended for effective mediation. People need to know what they say can’t be used against them at a later date in court.

It is a rare conflict of any kind in which anyone is fully aware of the issues involved and an even rarer conflict in which one side holds all the moral turf.

Finding a mutual agreement thus allows the parties to get on with their lives. Successful mediations result in spouses continuing in the support of their families and enjoying going to work without constant stress and waking up to a day free of the prospect of ‘going to court’.

Traffic Tickets in Ontario

Getting a ticket can be a frustrating and even frightening experience. Nobody wants a traffic ticket but eventually we all get them. Different tickets have different penalties. While we can’t go back and stop the Officer from giving you the ticket, there is usually something we can do to either eliminate or reduce the charge. The most common tickets are speeding tickets, careless driving tickets, red light tickets and tickets relating to accident charges. Other common infractions include, impaired driving charges, fail to remain, drive suspended, drive no insurance . The Ontario Minsitry of Transportation monitors demerit points and driving privileges and charges are laid by the Ontario Provincial Police, as well as the Toronto Police and other Municipal and Regional Police Forces in Ontario. The act of driving under the influence is resulting in Impaired Driving or DUI charges is a particularly complex charge that requires the legal opinion of a Lawyer like Lighthouse Legal.

Other ticket infractions

Sometimes accidents will not only result in traffic tickets like careless driving but may also lead to personal injury law suits, where the outcome of a case can depend in part on a seat belt ticket or a careless driving ticket. All tickets should be treated as serious and it is critical to seek professional assistance whenever you are charged with a traffic ticket or driving offence no matter how minor you consider the matter to be. It is critical not to make a decision to pay a traffic ticket just because you think you should take responsibility for your actions. Convictions count towards more than you losing demerit points and protecting insurance rates is the main reason people choose to defence tickets in Toronto and across the Province of Ontario. It is important to know your rights. Lighthouse Legal is in the business of defending traffic tickets. Traffic Tickets are dealt with in Provincial Offences Court and while it is possible for people to defend themselves, professionals certainly don’t advise it. Most people find that it cost more to try to defend a ticket themselves once they add up the time involved. In addition, unless you do this for a living you are not going to appreciate potential defences or the subtleties of interacting with Prosecutors to try to achieve the best result. You do have your retainer fee, but it usually costs more to do it yourself, and professional representation is certainly not going to do worse than you can on your own and have the potential to do much better. While nobody can guarantee a specific outcome, and you need to stay away from the companies that try, most charges can either be eliminated or reduced. Don’t let an unfortunate situation or bad decision affect your driving record and insurance rates.

Call The Highly Specialized Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax

Call The Highly Specialized Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax

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Call The Highly Specialized Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax

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