Buying Car Speakers

A car stereo system infuses life into those otherwise long boring car road trips. Most cars these days come pre-fit with car stereo systems from the manufacturer. However, these factory fit stereos are certainly not powerful enough to suit all your music needs — especially if you’re an avid hard rock or hip-hop fan. If you appreciate the quality derived from a good car stereo system, you might want to tweak your car music speaks around for the best quality sound at all times.

Speakers are unarguably the heart and soul of any music stereo system. The sound that you get will depend on the quality of speakers that you have installed. It is always recommended that you buy the best speakers that you can fit in your budget for the best possible sound outcome. But what factors should you consider before buying speakers? With a myriad of styles and brands available in the market, how do you determine which one is best for you? You can refer to this guide about the best car speakers with different speakers reviewed. And here are a few tips to help you choose the best speakers for your car:

Understanding the Technicality

Although it isn’t really important that you understand every aspect of the technical specifications given by the manufacturer, there are two main specifications that will help you determine the kind of speaker that you need to buy.

Speaker Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a speaker is nothing but the amount of sound that the speaker emits when a particular power is applied to it. High sensitivity speakers emit a louder sound upon application of relatively lesser power. Conversely a low sensitivity speaker will emit lower sound upon application of relatively more power. So if your stereo system is a low powered (less than 15 watts RMS), then you should go for speaker with higher sensitivity ratings. If you have a powerful stereo (more than 16 watts RMS), then you should consider buying speakers of lower sensitivity. The manufacturer’s manual should have all these details included, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to look out for.

Power Handling Capacity

Power Handling Capacity is the maximum peak RMS power that a speaker can handle. So if you have a low powered stereo, you can buy speakers with a lower power handling capacity. If you have powerful external amps attached, you will need speakers with a power rating more than the max output of the amps for the best quality sound output from your speakers.

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